Application Development

Current Technology Ltd develops innovative enterprise solutions to help organisations optimise their use of Data and Information Technology. Understanding what technology can do is critical and to that end we can even help you work out what your requirements should be!

So when you can't find what you're looking for ‘off-the-shelf’ or don’t want to change the way you work in order to fit around somebody else’s business processes, we can build an application to suit YOUR requirements and at a lot less overall cost than you’d think.

The key stages are defined below. We can do all of the work or we can work alongside your own people; dividing up roles and responibilities. You decide... you're in charge!

  • Initial requirements gathering and scoping
  • Project Administration & Contract arrangements
  • System Design
  • Application Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation and Data Migration (where relevant)
  • User Training
  • System Documentation
  • On-going Support

We specialise in SQL databases that can be interfaced with different reporting tools and Business Intelligence systems. This often means that you can make more use of your data well beyond the original scope of the project. It also means that the skills needed to work on your system are widely available, so you're not restricted to just one provided.

We can integrate an application with existing core services, which can often dramatically enhance functionality and value. We may also be available to work on modifications to existing systems provided the technology falls within our area of expertise.

When the work is completed, future changes to the application can be implemented by us on a consultancy basis or if you prefer you can use your own staff or contractors. On-going support is available on the same basis or under contract as per your requirements.

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